About Troop 589

Troop 589 is located in the Southwest suburbs of the Minneapolis area and includes members from Chaska, Chanhassen, Victoria, Carver, Eden Prairie, Shakopee and other nearby cities.

When a boy joins Troop 589, Scouting becomes an extension of their family: It follows strong moral values, it sees to the overall care and well-being of your son, and it’s always there for them. It’s not an either/or choice for your son. It works with you to let you manage your time and other activities and will always be there when you return.

New and prospective Scouts and their parents will find a wealth of information about the Boy Scouts of America program in general and Troop 589 in particular here at our web site. We welcome you to explore the available information and we invite you to personally visit our Troop meetings. We hope you choose to join our Troop!

What do you get with Troop 589 for your son?

Maturity. Youth experience dramatic physical and emotional growth. Scouting offers them opportunities to channel much of that change into productive endeavors. Through service projects and Good Turns, Scouts can discover their place in the community. Many Scouting activities allow youth to associate with others from different backgrounds. The religious emblems program offers pathways for Scouts to more deeply understand their duty to God. The unit provides each Scout with an opportunity to explore, to try out new ideas, and to embark on adventures that sometimes have no design other than to have a good time with good people.

Flexibility. The Scouting programs are flexible and accommodate the need to balance the work and life requirements of a busy family. It’s easy to plan for meetings and activities, and if something unexpected comes up, just let your leader know—it’s expected in the lives we live today.

Adaptability. Your child can work on achievements at his or her own pace. For example, if your child is in a spring soccer league and has to miss several meetings and activities, he or she still can complete and sign off on Scout activities to work toward the next level.

Transferability. The skills and values your child learns through Scouting can be applied in any non-Scouting activity he or she participates in. As your child builds character, this can be an especially valuable defense to the peer pressure all youth experience when growing up.

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Joining Troop 589 - Boy Scout Troop 589 would like to invite you to become a member of our Troop.  As a Boy Scout you will enjoy new experiences with your fellow Scouts.  You will also learn new skills while advancing in rank and earning Merit Badges, which could lead you to the rank of Eagle, the highest achievement in Scouting. 

Adventures The Scouts of Troop 589 experience all kinds of exciting adventures.  Troop activities can be generally categorized into day/night adventures, camping adventures, High Adventure camps.

Meetings - Scouts meet as a Troop the first 3 weeks of the month during the school year to work on merit badge activities, plan future campouts, celebrate special events, etc.  The 4th Tuesday is used for Patrol meetings and activities as decided on by the individual patrols.  Some patrols go swimming, bowling and plan other various patrol activities at their choosing.

Fundraising - Troop 589 is proud of its fundraising efforts because many of our activities are dedicated toward either community service or conservationism through recycling.  The money a Scout earns through fundraising can more than offset any ongoing expenses related to Scouting.

Organization & Conduct - links to a number of important documents that describe how Troop 589 is organized and run, and the conduct we expect from our members.